Going for Art

by Claire Gaulin-Brown

Michael and I are finally back in BC after almost three months of travelling. Home (err rather, my mom’s home), exhausted, happy, were wondering what to do next. We had spent the last 1.5 years in Montreal to kickstart Michael’s career as a software developer, but made the decision to move back to BC to be with family and near the places that we love most. Once we decided on another cross country move I started planning what to do next art career wise. The last year hasn’t produced much art, from personal heartache, to having an emotionally draining day job, to just not squeezing it in when I had the damn time. So I planning, trying to create space for myself and my art, which led me to applying to art school here in BC. My hopes were so high and after a wonderful interview with one of the schools I thought for sure I was in. It hurts to talk about failure, but I think this plays a part in my story. I didn’t get admitted into any schools. I got the final word while we were in Nepal, and as I sat drinking a commiseration beer with Michael, I thought about returning to BC with not much of a plan anymore, and I wasn’t feeling too good about what lay ahead.

Time passed and rejection felt more like a wonderful opportunity. Something that Michael and I had talked about as an option but that I never let myself fully accept as an option. The savings we had that would disappear in a single semester at school could be a little starter for an ernest art and illustration business, where I could jump in head first, and say no to day jobs that my heart just isn’t in. I could say yes to projects that light my heart up, so that I can make artwork that might make you think about the world, and our role within it. It feels like it’s now or never, so I’m going for it.

This month marks the beginning of what will be a year fully dedicated to my art and illustration business. I actually woke up on my first day nervous to sit down, just like I always get when I start a new job. I’m learning to trust my skills so that I can grow them to be even better than ever before, and am constantly in awe of the trust and support of friends and family and strangers who think I could possibly do this.

I’m going for it like my life depends on it.